Collaboration and trust are at the heart of our approach. We provide structure and thought leadership while bringing an objective view and fresh perspective to your strategies.
We draw on our many years of experience by asking the right questions in a constructive manner, even those you would like to avoid, in order to get a comprehensive view of the situation.


Our strategic diagnostic provides an overview of your talent acquisition function. This allows us to complete a full analysis and convert this information into clear and accurate recommendations:

  • In-depth analysis based on the 7 fundamentals of talent acquisition
  • Performance assessment of the tools, processes and strategy
  • Comparative market picture and sharing of best practices


In light of the diagnosis, we develop a concrete action plan to determine the improvements to be made and in turn mobilize and empower those responsible for its activation. This includes:

  • Detailed roadmap with milestones and timelines
  • Prioritization of actions according to objectives and capabilities
  • Performance measures and calculate return on investment


This step consists in accompanying you in the selection and/or the optimal implementation of your technological tools (ATS/CRM). Our approach includes: 

  • Definition of objectives to support a tool & supplier evaluation
  • Management of the implementation project (detailed plan, communication tools, training, etc.)
  • Change management activities


Our multi-channel talent attraction strategy service provides a rapid solution for your high-volume recruitment challenges.

  • Definition of objectives and target talent
  • Market analysis and EVP (employee value proposition)
  • Develop the attraction plan and channels (social media, job boards, partners, etc.)


Hiring managers play a critical role in the talent acquisition ecosystem.  Surprisingly, most hiring managers have never had any training related to recruiting. Our Hiring Manager training includes tools and best practices that will enable them to:

  • Partner with HR and recruitment teams more effectively
  • Deliver a positive candidate experience
  • Make smart hiring decisions