Whether it's for a short, medium or long-term need, a replacement or to meet growing demand, we will quickly become an extension - not a replacement - of your own team. Our fully integrated, dedicated recruiting experts will work within your systems, processes and employer brand for as long as you need them.

With a bank of hours or a monthly subscription, you'll have the flexibility (and peace of mind) to accelerate your recruiting activities - quickly. When you use our local outsourcing services, you benefit from real advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Talent acquisition is at the heart of our expertise.
  • We quickly handle your needs and become an extension of your team.
  • Our agile approach allows us to take into account your reality and your specific needs.
  • We know how to perfectly integrate your team and support you in making smart decisions.
  • Our ability to execute effectively is proven; time and time again!

We have tangible solutions to help you!

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