Transform the way you recruit thanks to our trainings.

Training for Hiring Managers:

Even if you have excellent attraction strategies, a strong recruitment team and solid recruitment processes, if your hiring managers are unable to define their hiring need and deliver a poor candidate experience, all of your investments are lost.

We firmly believe that when you turn your hiring managers into strategic partners within your Hiring ecosystem, and you give them the skills they need to be highly effective at selecting and securing the right candidates for your company, you will see a huge boost to the success and retention rate of your talent acquisition process. Not only will you attract and retain top talent, but you’ll also solidify your company’s reputation.

Inclusive Recruitment Certificate

Inclusive recruitment is an essential aspect of creating diverse and equitable workplaces. This training is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and best practices of inclusive recruitment.

Participants will learn how to develop strategies and techniques to attract and recruit diverse candidates, avoid bias in the selection process and create an inclusive hiring environment. This training is founded in research and co-developed with Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin, Desautels Faculty of Management, at McGill University.

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